Brush Plating

GalvanoTech offers a full line of brush plating modules, including Platform Brush and Roller Brush Platers. These modules are very versatile and can plate many different types of components. Their specific design makes them an excellent choice in handling the more difficult plating applications.

The Platform Brush Plater offers precise metal deposition on flat type connectors or strips. The platform brush design makes it excellent for edge plating, and has been proven very successful for palladium/nickel plating.

The Roller Brush Plater is designed to give a uniform metal distribution on pre-formed components with no damage or distortion to delicate parts.



  • Micrometer positioning adjustment
  • Unique cell design
  • Proprietary anode/cathode configuration
  • Modular design


  • Precious metal savings due to precise deposition
  • Uniform distribution and repeatability
  • Great system flexibility
  • Superior plating performance
  • High reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Lower energy consumption