Loose Part Plating

Our Loose Parts Selective Plating Equipment is a very economical way to selectively plate precious metals on different types of connectors, made on screw machines or formed by dies.

Patent Pending

Loose Part Selective Plater. Patent Pending.Loose Part Selective Plating
  • Interchangeable tooling allows to quickly switch
    production of multiple parts, pins and sockets.
  • The equipment is fully automated and self contained, only requiring an electrical and air connection.
  • Heavy duty construction, made of stainless steel and polypropylene.
  • PLC control of all process equipment and sequences.
  • Production Rate – minimum 6,000 parts per hour.
  • Gold reduction up to 80%.
  • Proprietary plating cell design eliminates dog bones.
  • Floor Space Required – 5′ x 5′.