Spot Plating Equipment

The Galvanotech Universal Plating Module is designed for single or double sided plating applications by using two plating wheels in one modle. It features a wide array of selective configurations equipped with a silicon rubber mask to meet the toughest selective applications in spots, stripes, or North/South plating on bandoleer pins.

North/South MachineSpot Tool SampleSamples of Plating


  • Advanced tooling design for different plating applications (Spot, Stripe, or North/South plating)
  • Contouring the mask to accommodate specific shapes
  • Speed synchronization system
  • Unique sparger design
  • Accuracy of selective plating: ±.005″


  • Precious metal savings up to 75% due to precise deposition
  • Uniform distribution and repeatability
  • Tooling can be changed in minutes resulting in increased productivity
  • High reliability
  • Dimensions: 84″L x 38″W x 66″H